Commercial Stone and Paver Installation & Concrete

Repair, Finish, Install, Mount & More

Mr. handy handy Solutions, our team of preventive and routine maintenance service professionals help you avoid costly repairs later, we have been working with the paver since 2001 as well as with concrete constructions. Trust us to take care of every detail while repairing and maintaining your facilities, including concrete repair. We are the best option for your business.

  • Concrete

    We offer concrete services with a highly experienced and highly trained staff, you can count on Xtreme Concrete to deliver high quality and timely results with each specific project. From small concrete repairs to large concrete projects, we can handle everything. We offer clients a worry-free project management for their specific project. We are located in Lakeland Florida.

  • Construction Concrete

    From fundamental construction systems to your way of entering, our team of expert technicians is a leader in the industry so that your project is carried out in a correct and timely manner. Our preventive and routine maintenance services help you avoid costly repairs later. Trust us to take care of every detail while repairing and maintaining your facilities, including concrete repair.

  • Concrete Removal

    Damaged concrete can be both hard to drive on and hard to look at. That's why we offer homeowners the concrete service of concrete demolition and removal. We can cut out damaged sections of concrete driveways to make repairs look cleaner.

  • Installation Paver Stone

    It offers the highest quality of outdoor structures. Since 2001, we have provided superior service to our customers. Our experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation of being the best paver builder in the Lakeland, FL area.

  • Work Force

    We Are Fully Licensed, Bonded And Insured. No sales person and no estimators will be coming to your home. You deal directly with the company owner and contractor at the same time to discuss the scope of the project in a way that is clear for everyone to understand.

  • Warranty and Guarantess

    We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on each paving stone installation and 5 years warranty on sinking, settling. The best of all is that all the stones we use are backed with a life-time product warranty on cracking and breaking by the manufacturers.
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