Commercial Update Kitchen

Install, Reface, Remodel, Repair & More

For all types of businesses that work with the kitchen area. Whether repairing a leaky faucet or installing new cabinets, we are equipped to handle every major or minor project in your kitchen. After all, one of the most essential things in your restaurant and other restaurants in the kitchen. Our experienced maintenance staff will do everything possible and in less time.

  • Countertop Installation & Repair

    We offer improvement services for all types of commerce to install and repair kitchen countertops of all types, including laminate, marble, granite, quartz, natural stone and more. From the creation of a personalized pine bar to the installation of a butcher shop.

  • Kitchen Backsplash Installation

    The installation of a touch of splash adds a touch to your kitchen in your restaurant. Consider the color palette and material options that our professional operators have a lot of experience in installing all types of splashes, including: Glass & amp; Stone tiles, stainless steel sheets and paint or wallpaper.

  • Custom Kitchen Islands

    A large kitchen island is the centerpiece of the kitchen for any modification of your spaces in your restaurant. Our experienced staff to design, build or renovate the custom kitchen island that brings together the entire room. For smaller kitchens, consider a portable kitchen cart.

  • Cabinet Installation & Repair

    We will make sure your cabinets are straight, aligned and safe. From the peeling laminate to the broken hinges, our home improvement professionals will make your cabinets look and work like new. Whether you are installing new cabinets, lifting or repairing existing cabinets.

  • Light Fixture Installation & Repair

    Our professionals are equipped to install recreational lights, track lights, pendants, chandeliers or any type of lighting that you would like to add to your kitchen. Whether you are installing a lighting fixture on your kitchen table or changing a light bulb, no work is too big or too small.

  • Kitchen Remodel & Renovation

    All of our trade improvement professionals have an average of 10 years of experience, which means they can complete a wide range of jobs to get the kitchen they have always dreamed of. Gypsum boards, carpentry, floors, paint.

  • Sink Installation & Repair

    Whether you are looking at a new farm sink or simply need to replace the one you have now, we will make sure your new sink fits on the counter and runs without dripping. We can even repair or install a new garbage disposal.