Commercial Specialists in Ceiling Design

Install, Repair, Texture & More

A busy ceiling can make the room feel small, while a dim room can make the room look very dim. Our team of professionals for commercial services. Whether you want to install new hanging lights or a new fan, our workmanship is guaranteed.

  • Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

    You want to remove, replace or install a ceiling fan, we are your solution. Your comfort and satisfaction are guaranteed. Our team of professionals are also able to replace your old ceiling fan with a lamp of your choice.

  • Ceiling Repair

    Plumbing problems can wreak havoc on roofs. Depending on the damage, the soaked gypsum panels can be replaced before the damage worsens. We do it in the shortest possible time.

  • Light Fixture Installation & Repair

    In our experience, we have found that the brightness of light is as important as the appearance of the device itself. From the extravagant to the simple, our team of professionals have experience in removing, repairing and installing all kinds of lighting fixtures.

  • Popcorn Ceiling & Texturing

    The texture of the popcorn ceiling is a popular choice because it helps hide the imperfections that are much more evident in a flat, white ceiling. If you want to add roof texture or need help to remove it, we have the equipment and tools to work with.