Commercial Upgrade Bathroom

Caulk, Install, Repair, Grout & More

Mr. Handy Solutions for any type of trade we offer services for bathrooms. The bathrooms are a center of activity and you need everything to work: plugs, taps, toilets, showers, bathtubs, showers and fans that remove moisture. Whatever project you need to complete, we are committed to arriving on time and ensuring that the quality of the workforce is guaranteed for your satisfaction.

  • Bathroom Remodel & Renovation

    If you want to update your bathroom do not hesitate to call us we offer remodeling services and complete bathroom renovation. We are home improvement professionals can help you install ceramic floors, tear down walls and install the perfect dresser. From painting to plumbing.

  • Caulking

    Bathtubs with bad putty allow water to pass behind the walls and under the floors, damaging the wood and tables and even the basement or ground floor ceiling. Restore the look of your bathtub, stop the damage caused by water and avoid mold with the professional caulking service of professionals to improve the trade, either in hotels and inns.

  • Bathroom Fan Installation & Repair

    The bathroom fans are the main protection of your trade against the problems of mold and mildew. We remove the old fans and install new ones. We can inspect the ventilation duct to detect mold and, if necessary, replace it with a new tube.

  • Minor Plumbing Leaks

    Our team of professionals quickly handle common plumbing maintenance problems. We also install bathroom faucets and spare plumbing fixtures.

  • Drywall Repairs & Finishing

    We inspect bathroom drywall that you suspect may have been damaged by leaking water or moisture, and we fix wallboard in a way that’s seamless with the décor.

  • Light Fixture Installation & Repair

    Light up your bathroom with new lighting fixtures. Whether you want to light up your shower or your full bathroom, our home improvement professionals have the knowledge and experience to give your bathroom the perfect balance of light. It also installs sink accessories, such as shower heads and faucets.

  • Shower Head Servicing

    We fix leaks, obstructions and any other problem you have with the shower heads of the bathrooms. Before looking for a replacement. And if it is necessary to replace it, we will help you obtain a shower head that works with your current shower and bath design.

  • Toilet Repair & Installation

    Replacing your old toilet is an excellent way to freshen up your entire bathroom. We are well equipped to repair your toilet, whether you need a new wax ring, a tank plug or a discharge valve.

  • Tile Installation & Repairs

    We are expert in the installation, repair and updating of all types of tiles, including: ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, stone tiles, glass tiles.

  • Vanity & Bathroom Mirror Installation

    We can eliminate and discard your current toilet, prepare space for new dimensions, install it expertly and even integrate the plumbing. Just a simple phone call and no problems.