Commercial Audio & Video Installation

Repair, Finish, Install, Mount & More

For commerces we offer audio and video service is dedicated to provide the best service to all the people that hire us, with our team of professionals in the area, we can create the audio and video experience of your dream, no matter how big or small be.

  • Audio & Video Repair

    Our team can solve the problems of your existing system, get to the bottom of what is causing your problems and make sure everything is working correctly. We also offer services to tune audio systems in places and places of worship to help you make the most of your sound system.

  • Live sound

    We can provide a quality sound reinforcement for your live event. Our sound engineers have the ability, knowledge, experience and equipment to scale any sound system to meet your needs..

  • Rentals

    We have a selection of rental equipment available that includes projectors, screens, wireless microphone systems, speakers and more.

  • Installation

    Our experienced team can build and install a variety of shelving options that elevate any area of your store, such as: custom shelving, built-in shelving, floating shelving and custom shelves.

  • Design Consulting

    At Mr. Handy Solutions we are an expert in delivering integral designs and maintaining the right system for your exact needs. We have experience working with architects, designing specifications and all aspects of design from single-room spaces to the integration of the entire building.